American Eagle Proud

The American Eagle is linked to its 1782 use on the Great Seal of the United States. I am proud to use this symbol in a new Series of Mesh Cowboy Hats.

Look for more colors in both leathers and suede coming soon.

In the meantime, go to or  give it a thumps up and be automatically entered for a chance to win this hat! American Eagle Black Leather_001.png

American Eagle Black Leather6a_001.png


American Eagle Black Leather2a_001

“Uptown down home American kids
Growin’ up in little pink houses
Makin’ out on living room couches
Blowin’ that smoke on Saturday night
A little messed up, but we’re all alright”

Worn with: BlankLine Jacket, St. Christopher Men’s Necklace Stone’s Works, PendantNcklce Spirit of the DragonRFL Stone’s Works

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“When the trees their summer splendor Change to raiment red and gold, When the summer moon turns mellow, And the nights are getting cold; When the squirrels hide their acorns, And the woodchucks disappear; Then we know that it is autumn, Loveliest season of the year.” ~ Carol L. Riser, Autumn Stone’s Works Fall Acorn Hunting Top Hat […]

via Autumn Leaves — FASHION MUSIC MAYHEM

Born to be Wild

Get your motor running and head to Stone’s Works to grab the Snakeskin w/ Skeleton Hand CB Hat.  This hat is non-rigged with a re-sizer so it will work with system and mesh heads.  Specially priced for Steals & Deals you surely won’t find a better deal than this!!

Born To Be Wild

Styled with Stone’s Works Snake Charm Necklace, Magika Please, .:cheeky:. Nima loose Shirt! Black, Addams//Zury Leggings and Billionaire Motors Blade ( Womens Baked White).  Photo taken on location @ *~Forgotten Souls~*

CB Hat Snakeskin SkelStone's Works_texture

Strolling the Streets of Paris

“I had forgotten how gently time passes in Paris. As lively as the city is, there’s a stillness to it, a peace that lures you in. In Paris, with a glass of wine in your hand, you can just be.”  ~Kristin Hannah, The NightingaleParis

Stone’s Works High Bowler Hat in Brown with Flexi Feathers your perfect hat for Autumn.  Non-rigged with re-sizer this hat works with system and mesh heads.  You can find this hat specially priced this weekend for Steals & Deals

Walk along the Paris Streets

Styled here with OSMIA Mylene Sweater Dress in Red, BELLA MODA Adore Scarf, Truth Arden.  Photo taken at Little Paris

Something Wicked This Way Comes….

Crystal water turns to dark
Where ere it’s presence leaves it’s mark
And boiling currents pound like drums
When something wicked this way comes…

A presence dark invades the fair
And gives the horses ample scare
Chaos rains and panic fills the air
When something wicked this way comes…

Ill winds mark it’s fearsome flight,
And autumn branches creak with fright.
The landscape turns to ashen crumbs,
When something wicked this way comes…

Evil Look

Flowers bloom as black as night
Removing color from your sight
Nightmarish vines block your way
Thorns reach out to catch their prey

And by the pricking of your thumbs
Realize that their poison numbs
From frightful blooms, rank odors seep
Bats & beasties fly & creep

‘Cross this evil land, ill winds blow
Despite the darkness, mushrooms glow
All will rot & decompose
For something wicked this way grows…   ~ Ray Bradbury

A Haunting

Stone’s Works Cameo & Lace Choker in Ebony & Silver available now for The Creative Spark.  Matching Earrings also available.  Styled here with Exile:: Something Wicked, *Just Because* Morticia, LIVIA Marlee and  ::CHERRYISH:: Gift Pose.  Photos taken on location at The Imaginarium