The Queen and Her Archer

The Queen Wears The Crown of Susan The Gentle and Winged Victory Necklace from Stone’s Works.

In summer time when leaves grow green
‘Twas a seemly sight to see
How Robin Hood himselfe had drest
And all his yeomandrie.

He clad himselfe in scarlett red
His men in Lincoln green
And so prepars for London towne,
To shoot before the lovly queen.

They had bows of ewe and strings of silke
Arrows of silver chest,
Black hats, white feathers all alike
Full deftly they were drest.

Wood’s Ballad Robin Hood and Queen Catherin

The Queen’s Archer Wears TSC Battle Archer BLUE

Stone’s Works Joins TSCreations and Topa Adamski for the SL Renaissance Festival. Stone’s Works will donate 100% of sales for both the Susan Crown and The Winged Victory Necklace @ .

Topa Adamski Brings his Highly detailed work to RenFest @ renfest . The Archer is only one item available.

More From Stone’s Works can be found and @

TSCreations can be found

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