The Archer

So it is: yet let us sing,
Honour to the old bow-string!
Honour to the bugle-horn!
Honour to the woods unshorn!
Honour to the Lincoln green!
Honour to the archer keen!

Robin Hood
By John Keats

Bend back thy bow, O Archer, till the string
Is level with thine ear, thy body taut,
Its nature art, thyself thy statue wrought
Of marble blood, thy weapon the poised wing
Of coiled and aquiline Fate. Then, loosening, fling
The hissing arrow like a burning thought
Into the empty sky that smokes as the hot
Shaft plunges to the bullseye’s quenching ring.

The Archer
Smith, Arthur James Marshall (1902 – 1980)
TSC Renaissance Bow (Unity Maxim) 100% Sales Donation

The Archer is wearing TSC Battle Archer BLUE (Signature Gianni BENTO) from Topa Adamski.

While I wear a Logo Head and Belleza Jake Body I had no problem with adjusting the alphas for this wonderful outfit. The detail and textures are amazing, a work of art in themselves. The set on sale includes the Updated Bow with Unity Maxim fight system.

You can find this set and many more @ the SL Renaissance Festival here renfest

Other links for TSCreations main store

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